Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia


Je reconnais cette forêt. Ce n’est pas une forêt ordinaire, c’est une forêt de souvenirs.
Mes souvenirs.

Echoes of Mine, M83

Mercredi, 24 juillet 2013:

Nothing screams ‘nostalgia’ like a piece of photograph from your childhood. This photo was taken on September 22nd, 1996, on a family trip to the tea plantations in the highlands of Nuwara Eliya where we celebrated my fifth birthday just the day before. This is one of the very few photos left from that trip out of the many albums we had before, and I’m glad this piece survived.

In this photo are all four of us — myself and my three brothers — and our childhood friend, A. I am the sloppy kid in the middle. When we were children all five of us used to roller blade all the time, even at home; we lived in a triple story house with wide hallways and a massive playroom on the third floor. We were never bored.

I have such fond memories of our time in this house. When I had a brief reunion with another childhood friend of mine from Sri Lanka, N, a couple of years ago in London, she told me that she remembered coming to a big triple story house with an open courtyard in the middle in Colombo when she was a child, and I said, “That was our house!” To know that other people remembered this house made me feel like… like my childhood from that era definitely wasn’t something I conjured out of my own imagination. I have lived in and left behind so many places that they all get mixed up in my mind sometimes.

Perhaps only a trace of our childhood selves remain in us today. We have all grown up, graduated from a university with a degree in this and that, and A has just even graduated from law school in the UK this summer.

My, my, how time flies.

[Note: This Photo Challenge was from a couple of weeks back. Didn’t get to publish this in time.]

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