Searching for Chingamwe

This guy was searching for his Home… and he found it. Here’s to hoping I’ll find mine soon too.

Homeward Bound

We had been driving around for hours and I was beginning to lose hope. We had crisscrossed the same stretch of winding road between Mutare and Nyanga in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands all afternoon and although the rolling, forest covered mountains on each side of the snaking road made for a spectacular view, it was playing second fiddle to what I had really come to see – if only I could find it, of course. I was searching for something specific, something small not many people seemed to know about. I was searching for a house. Not just any house, the last house my parents lived in before they emigrated to Canada and the place where I spent my first few months on earth. It was more than that though. This house that I have no memory of, that I have never even seen a photo of, has, through years of…

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