Eid in Progress

“You gotta keep your head up through it all!”

Original Prankster, The Offspring

A brief summary of my Eid this year:

  1. Mosques visited: 0
  2. Houses visited: 0
  3. Friends/relatives visited: 0
  4. Visitors received: 0
  5. Duit raya received: RM 0
  6. New baju kurung worn: 0
  7. Fast food restaurants visited: 2
  8. Beaches visited: 1
  9. Malls visited: 0
  10. Horror movies watched: 3
  11. Fantasy movies watched: 1
  12. Malay movies watched on local TV: Uncountable
  13. Eid entertainment special shows watched on local TV: Uncountable
  14. Eid-related status published on Facebook: 1
  15. Likes received for the aforementioned status: 3
  16. ‘Eid Mubarak’ wishes received from friends: 5
  17. Eid open house invitations received: 1
  18. Eid open houses attended: 0
  19. Posts published on ‘Feelosophical’ (not including this one): 3
  20. Times I wished this Eid were a little different: 1,000,001

But alhamdulillah all the same, because in truth:

C'est vrai.

C’est vrai.

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