Boxed Thoughts

“It’s one thing to know how to play like an expert and quite another to do it all the time.”

– Cecilia Le

Scrabble babble.

Scrabble babble.

This photo was taken during an intense Scrabble match between my brothers and I back in February this year, in which ‘Satan’, ‘Djin’, ‘Dork’, and even ‘Cupid’ made an appearance, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Scrabble gives us a great opportunity to pick apart our brains once in a while and to ‘think outside the box’, both literally and metaphorically. For now I hold the most win in Scrabble matches in our family, but I know this record won’t hold for long if I don’t step up my game.

Watch out, boys.

[This post is a contribution to the ‘A Word A Week’ Photo Challenge, ‘Square’.]

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