37,550 ft, 600 mph

“Take us down and we’ll keep trying; Forty thousand feet, keep flying.” 

– If I Lose Myself, One Republic

I’ve loved flying, since even before I was old enough to appreciate traveling and the nomadic life that we had. For me flying meant action, movement, and most importantly, flying always truly felt like we were embarking on a new journey, both in a literal and a metaphorical sense. If I was sick of Malaysia, thank God there’s Accra/Conakry/Dhaka/Perth to look forward to. And if I was sick of these places, there’s always the journey back home to comfort me.

And the plane ride itself is always very exhilarating! The highlights of my plane rides are always during take off and landing. Man, that feeling when the plane is about to take off or land and is going at full speed — as I sit there completely transfixed in my seat with adrenaline pumping through my veins, I always can’t help but think how in the next few seconds my life will be completely in the hands of God, and que sera, sera. And then I say a little prayer in these critical moments because it is said that the prayers of the traveler (musafir) are always answered.

My last attempt at capturing the ‘Infinite’ yesterday seemed rather half-hearted, so I thought I’d give this photo challenge another shot. This time, I want to try to portray the infinite through my plane window when I was flying from Abu Dhabi to Heathrow a couple of weeks ago. I usually prefer traveling by night as it makes me feel like I’m traveling through a time/space vacuum; one moment you’re suspended in mid-air surrounded by complete darkness and the next time you set your foot on the ground you’re in a completely different continent, in a completely different time zone. Amazing. 

But traveling by day is a completely different experience; you actually get to feel and see the fact that you’re 37,550 feet above the ground and going at 600 miles per hour. I especially loved looking at the puffy snow-white clouds spread endlessly outside my window, like a field of candy floss in some kind of fairy tale. Some might say the sky’s the limit, but what happens when you’ve reached it?

7 thoughts on “37,550 ft, 600 mph

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