Licking Windows

« Qui dit : “c’est facile comme de prendre un bonbon à un bébé” n’a jamais essayé de prendre un bonbon à un bébé. »

Robin des Bois 

Note: I have never recycled a post before, but seeing that this week has been extremely hectic for me, and that this post incidentally fit Daily Post’s ‘Window’ photo challenge perfectly, I thought, ‘Why the heck not?’

Mercredi, 22 octobre 2013:

Enough complaining; in this second attempt at Daily Post’s ‘The Hue of You’ photo challenge I just want to take a moment to reflect on a small selection of the amazing things I’ve encountered during my walks around Cambridge.

The historical buildings and extraordinary architecture never cease to amaze me, and sometimes I still find myself intentionally taking the long route and passing through King’s Parade on my way to my destination just so I could spend a couple of minutes gazing at King’s magnificent Chapel. I also almost always bypass the heart of Queens’ and cross the Mathematical Bridge to get from what is affectionately known by Queens’ students as ‘The Light Side’ (west of the River Cam) and ‘The Dark Side’ (east of the river where Queens’ older buildings are located) just so I could appreciate my college better in an attempt to console myself after Queens’ got some serious bashing for the ugliness of the Cripps’ and the Erasmus building during the two times I went punting).

On King’s Parade there is a shop that sells nothing but sweets; I believe this is known as a confectioner’s. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of this shop but from the first moment I saw it, it took my breath away; candies and lollies of every shape, taste and color are in there. Due to time constraints I have yet to accept their invitation to come in and gawk at all the candies the shop houses, but for now I am content with just ‘window-shopping’. Interestingly, the French translation for ‘window-shopping’ is actually faire du lèche-vitrine, which literally translates into ‘licking windows’. Coincidence? Peut-être.

The colors of these candies bring me back to my childhood, where I think I never was fed enough candy to fulfill my childish desires. Now I am older I find myself still craving for these sweet things. Yet sometimes I think these cravings don’t only come from my desire to consume these candies per se, but rather, holding a lollipop or a candy cane in my hand just brought me back to another time, another place, one I can’t go back to.

So here’s to the memories.

A jellybean representation of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.



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