Rise Again

“Ya esta amaniciendo

El sol saliendo

Yo amanezco a lado tuyo.”

– 6 A.M., Farruko ft. J Balvin


It has been a difficult past couple of weeks, but I am comforted by the faith in a new beginning — an entirely fresh start — that awaits me elsewhere. My nomadic nature refuses to accept a sedentary existence — it is only through moving and settling in new territory that I am able to secure a renewed purpose in life.

The Ancient Egyptians believed in the cyclical nature of life, reflected in their spiritual devotion to the sun and the moon and the ever-changing nature around them. The sun, splendid and mighty as it is during the day, humbly recedes into the background as the moon takes over the stage with nightfall. The changing of night and day tells us that nothing endures forever — be it our time in light, or in darkness.

I believe my Golden Days here are over, but there is also so much more to look forward to. The photo above, captured in Bali a couple of Decembers ago, convinces me that the end of our Golden Days can also be a joyous occasion, graced by a splendid sunset such as this. And after it sets, there is an even more glorious sunrise that awaits us at the other side of the night.


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