Tentangku | À propos de moi

My brothers and I were born in Malaysia, but we had a nomadic upbringing in Sri Lanka, Ghana, Guinea, and Bangladesh. In 2010, we lost our old family photo albums in an unfortunate incident. This included all the photographs from our younger days. Since then it’d felt like we’d lost our childhood too — until I realized that we haven’t actually lost it all, for our childhood will always be a part of our memory and our history, and will never be taken away from us. There is much that we do not wish to leave behind engulfed by time and history, and so I created this blog back in October 2011 as a space to re-explore our childhood memories.


Colombo, some time between 1994-1997

I consider this experiment to be one of nostalgia and remembrance. Since starting this project, I found that I am constantly rediscovering new things about myself and my family whenever I think back on these memories. Some people look forward to the future when learning about themselves, but I believe one can never truly know oneself without first having a strong foundation of one’s own history.

In more recent years however my interests in this blog have shifted towards my travels, both alone and with company.


Solitude, found. (Cemetery of Santuario di Oropa, Italy.)

Never really intended for this blog to have a large audience, but since you’ve found your way here, I wish you a warm welcome, and thank you for dropping by! Do say hello below!

19 thoughts on “Tentangku | À propos de moi

  1. That is most unfortunate to have lost the photos of your childhood.

    I’m glad you included the quote by Marcel Pagnol. It is truth for all of us.


  2. My family lost all of our photo albums and memories in a fire 3 years ago. It’s a devastating experience, however I really like what you’ve done by using this blog as an outlet for that.


    • Hi Erin, terribly sorry to hear about the fire, and about losing all those family photo albums! Absolutely devastating… Perhaps it’s time to make new memories! Will be following your blog closely for interesting photographs 🙂


  3. What a beautiful sentiment and positive outlook. I am so sorry for the loss of your photographs though you are correct, the memory will hold them forever….My blog contains several stories of my growing up years and wonderful family life. Perhaps you will enjoy one in particular which highlights a special memories of slide shows with my wonderful father…https://nynkblog.wordpress.com/2014/12/18/magic-drinks-2/ Congratulations on the honor of FP. It was a lovely post.


  4. It’s my biggest fear…losing my photos. I have three hard drive backups. But my slides are still in boxes in storage, vulnerable. I love your gravatar…LOVE it!!


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